Relating beloved New England tradition to contemporary events in Boston history proved to be a winning mix in making Brigham’s both fresh and classic at the same time.

First assignment: Come up with a feel-good billboard during the harrowing re-engineering of Boston’s transportation infrastructure – the infamous “Big Dig.”

An inspired creative solution hailed by The Boston Globe, Architectural Digest and CBS Sunday Morning sparked a new beginning for the heirloom brand. Brigham’s realized they were on to something and acquired the copyright “Big Dig,” turning it into their best-selling flavor of all time. Package design by Rattle, of course.

A fun new TV campaign appealed to everyone’s inner child and that primordial craving for delicious ice cream, boosting retail awareness during peak selling season.

When another local institution needed some game-changing mojo, Brigham’s embraced destiny again, launching Reverse the Curse ice cream in the Spring of 2004.

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